MaSci conducts Science Fair 2017

Manila Science High School held its annual Local Science Fair with the theme “Science for the People 2017” today, September 27.

Together with Engr. Paul Agra and other alumni of MaSci, I was invited to be one of the judges in this Research Fair. The program started at 9:30 am. It is an honor to be with the Manila Science HS family once more in the selection of the best Science Research projects.

While walking through various booths that feature the students’ projects, I saw various brilliant minds blossoming in the early stages of their youth. From water treatment technologies, alternative energy generation system, and alternative materials to Arduino programming, MaSci students have proven their wit once more in conducting timely research projects to address the problems not just by the scientific community but the society as a whole.

Surely, these students will compete in the local and international arena with other equally-good students. Wherever research may take them, this event enlivened my hope that someday, the Philippines will be a self-sustaining country. By investing in Research and Development, the country will benefit from the inventions, innovations, and technological breakthroughs brought by these brilliant scientists by advancing its potentials in addressing societal issues through science and technology.

With the massive brain-drain occurring almost every day as a result of better opportunities abroad, I am hopeful that the country will pay increased attention towards the cultivation of research culture starting from enhanced support and funding not only for Science high schools but also in regular public schools. By investing in these young minds, we can help make a better Philippines together through the development of promising solutions to the country’s needs.

And for those who are inclined to R&D, answer your calling. The world needs more scientists than before so that we can achieve the advancement of our species into the stretches of our imagination.

After the finalists were selected, a Research Congress was held where panel discussions took place. The winners of this event will be an official entry of MaSci for the Division Science Fair that will be held this October.

Credits: I would like to thank the MaSci Family for trusting me in the selection of their best student researches. See you again next year.

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