An Epilogue to 2017

Today marks the last day of the year 2017. Many things è this year but to sum it all, it was another great time where lessons were learned, friends were made, enemies were forgiven, heartaches endured, and spirit is rekindled. Indeed, there are so many things that we should all be thankful for. Whether the memories of this year are happy or not, at the end of the year, those are simply history written by ourselves that will surely shape our future that is to come.

The following are some of the lessons learned that I wish to share to everyone as we welcome the year 2018 with positivity.

1. You should not be sorry if you follow your dreams. Never ever be sorry. Perhaps many will question you or many will raise their brows up for being too bold to make a step in achieving your dreams. Many will reason out that it may not be the best move which will sometimes make you question your own decisions. However, you should never be sorry for following what you really want to do in life. If you choose to walk away, nobody can call you a loser. If you choose to stay, nobody calls you out for not being courageous enough. People around you will make stories about you so why not choose where you will truly be happy? Life loses its purpose of you fail to live or if you live to live the life that others wanted for you.

2. You should not be sorry for being yourself. Do not want to go to parties? Do not want to go swimming? Wanted to eat strawberry fries? Listening to the old classics? Love the indies instead of the mainstream movies? Hate social media? Stand with the opposition? All o these are fine. Nobody can question you for expressing your true self. Modern times seriously adulterated the lives of many people because most of us fall into the trap of pleasing others just to gain popularity. Truth is, the number of followers or shares that you get doesn’t really reflect your personality. Everybody is unique in its own ways so the next time that you encounter people questioning your life choices, still be yourself. They probably are insecure (believe me, this is almost 100% true).

3. Freedom of expression is not absolute. You cannot simply post anything in the social media and invoke your right on freedom of expression. The rule is simple. If your acts violate the rights of others, then you are doing the wrong thing. On the contrary, no one should deprive any citizen of his/her freedom of expression. Simply put, nobody can bar us from posting our views just because it contradicts the views of the majority.

4. Judgmental people are everywhere. Beware. It could be your friend. It could be your teacher. It could be your workmate. It could be your relative. The point? Judgmental people are everywhere. It could even be yourself. Hence, always be careful of the things that you sare with others. You will never know when they will wear their masks down.

5. Trust me. Prayers work. Because of too many sufferings that people face, it is usually very easy to lose faith. And to add, with the advancing understanding of the godly particle, it is easy to believe that God is absent. Wrong. Very wrong. If you are losing faith, then maybe it is time to reflect on how to strengthen your spirit. Whenever we pray, we talk to God and in communication, the answer cannot always be affirmative. So when you feel like your prayers are unanswered, maybe the answer is a greater plan for you. When you feel losing hope, pray. Whatever the result is, prayers always work. 100%. P.S. Thank God for all prayers, unanswered or not.

6. Depression is real. For most, it is just a drama made by individuals to gain their attention. But in reality, depression is a state of mental health that needs our understanding. Depression is not a story made to gain likes or shares. Depression is real. Let us not downplay this issue and instead help people who suffer from it.

7. Walking away is not giving up. It is moving on. Whether you choose to walk away from your lover or from your current state, walking away means having the courage to continue with life even though you knew you will have to start again. Walking away means acceptance that you deserve a better life than your current situation. And please take note, walking away is not synonymous to defeat. It means triumph for you finally realized that you are meant for something better and bigger.

8. Introversion is not equal to being anti-social. Being an introvert myself, I usually hear the extroverted world claim that we are anti-social beings. It doesn’t mean that we enjoy ourselves alone, we are already horrible, killed-joy people. Perhaps we have different taste eh? Oh yes. It is possible to enjoy without going to parties. Do not force us to like your own taste. We have our own too. Equal rights, please?

9. Nobody is responsible for your own happiness. Not me. Not your parents. Not your lover. Not your followers. Nobody is in charge of your happiness except yourself. I mean we all have the power to change our perspectives in life. We have the power to connect with other people in as much as shutting down broken connections. You can choose to stay in your unhappy world but you can also choose to live your life as happy as you dream of. Other people can only make comments or advice but nobody can make you happy unless you decide to be happy.

10. Be kind and compassionate. Simple. If everyone will only express kindness to each other, surely the world will be a better place to live in.
Let’s welcome 2018 with great hope enthusiasm.


Disclaimer: The publisher does not own the photos used in this post.  

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