Leaving to Live

Life is wasted if you keep on delaying your enjoyment just because you are afraid to step up and leave everything behind.


Indeed, most of us are afraid to take a step. Most of us are worriers – we keep thinking about what we are about to lose when we take a move. When moving to a new neighborhood, we think of the friends that we’re leaving behind. When breaking a dull and nasty relationship, we keep thinking about the memories that we would miss. When shifting to a new program, we keep on thinking about the courses that we already took which will be laid down to waste. We keep on associating negativity whenever we try to choose to leave our current state of mind. Most of the time, we keep connecting two related yet two different words – quitting and leaving. This leads us to be indecisive and depressed for we are torn on between two seemingly good choices. In the end, we end up missing new opportunities just because of the fear to lose our current possessions without realizing that we’re losing more in life when we keep on snubbing new doors that are opening for us.

So why are we afraid to take action even though we know that there’s a promising pot of bowl out in the field, waiting for us to be mined? Let me enumerate five reasons why.


Leaving = quitter. A big lie! To leave means that you’ve gathered enough courage to finally choose yourself over someone that you doesn’t deserve. To leave means your voice grew louder for you to say no to unhealthy relationships. To leave means you have the courage to face the world even if you belong to rare stereotype. To leave means that you are choosing to pursue your goals instead of staying in a sideline where your true potential is not unleashed. To leave means turning your back to negativity and instead, facing the world with hope and positivism amidst the risks associated with it. To leave doesn’t mean that you are quitting. To leave means that you’ve begun to realize that there’s something better out there. To leave means finally realizing that we are growing up.


When you leave, people will judge you. Indeed, many people will question your decision about leaving. Some will mock you for not being strong enough to handle your current situation. Some will ridicule you for being weak. But one piece of advice – your life is yours, not theirs. So whatever they will think of you, it doesn’t really matter. One thing that I found out – most of those who keep questioning your decisions are insecure people. A great portion of them is envious of you because you have the guts to stand up unlike them who are too afraid to risk their status.


Leaving means starting over again. Most of the time, yes. It is exhausting. It will drain you for a time. But being drained during start-up is far better than slowly dying because you are living a life that you’re not happy about. So why do you have to be afraid to lose that job title, that executive position, or that seemingly-perfect relationship when you can have more out there? Are you willing to give up your dreams just because you are afraid to start over again? Why would you remain in a job that you no longer like when you can start a business or even become a founder of a venture? Why would you keep that seemingly-perfect relationship when you are slowly dying inside because you want to be free? Why would you worry about the memories that you already have with your boyfriend/girlfriend when you can have an infinity with the one that’s destined for you? Your life is short but it will become shorter if you will not be able to live it to the fullest just because you are afraid.


We’re a failure when we leave. Another red flag. Whenever we leave and sail to explore the nothingness, we become a winner. Leaving your career path doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Leaving your current situation means that you have the strong will that many lacks to set foot towards true success. You are not successful if you are unhappy. So go, find yourself. Set your course to explore the greatness of the universe. Do you want to play the piano instead of doing clerical works? Do it. Do you want to become a businessman instead of working for a multinational company? Do it. Do you want to travel to another place, perhaps another country? Do it. Whatever makes you happy, as long as it doesn’t interfere with other’s rights, do it. And DO IT NOW.


We’re afraid to make mistakes. Many people fail to live to their full potential because we are always making calculated risks and like to play it safe. Actually, planning is good. What’s detrimental is not being able to shift from one plan to another because we are avoiding to commit mistakes. For us to be successful, mistakes are inevitable. We have this tendency to desire perfection because our brains are programmed by the society that we’re only likable if we are an achiever if we are beautiful if we are flawless, and if we are perfect. In reality, our little imperfections are our assets. These tiny cracks in our existence give us an opportunity to fill in the gaps. It opens doors to a better version of ourselves. It gives us a pathway to discover our hidden capacities. Our little vulnerabilities make us a human being. And as a human being, we can always commit a mistake as long as we learn from each of them. These mistakes allow us to grow and in the passage of time, these make life beautiful.

If you will keep on being afraid, you will forever be where you are right now. There’s nothing wrong in staying. In fact, it is good for it shows your contentment to your everyday situation. But if you are unhappy with where you are today, there’s nothing to be afraid of choosing to divert your path to a place where your heart really lies. Life is too short. If you keep hesitating, you will never grow. You’ll never find out that there’s an amazing world out there, waiting for you to discover. Just take a step. It’s okay. Leave to live.

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