Adulting at 23

Being 23 entails many challenges for it is in this stage where we are quite old enough to make decisions on our own, to plan for our future, and to search for the reason for our ultimate existence. Yet at this stage of life, we are still quite young to be afraid on the things that we do. We are still quite young to still enjoy our life without too much responsibilities. In short, being 23 is the stage where we are finding our place in this universe.


ADULTING. Big word! Being an adult is quite creepy. People around you will tell you that you are already an adult so they will start asking adult-type of questions that I’m sure every one of you already heard of. When will you get married? How many children do you want to have? How do you plan to have a house? Do you already have investments? How about savings? These questions are scary. Many people around will continuously bombard us with questions that we’re not yet expecting to answer, in the very least, because we are still busy with our own personal affairs. We are still busy hanging out with our friends. We are still busy in establishing our own careers so most of us may have not really thought of all of these. And when we come to our senses that we’re already 23, boom! Our world starts to crumble and we collapse for being so lost in life that we sometimes do not know what to do next.


ADULTING. There’s nothing wrong with being in this stage. While some of us may have already been hustling and spending their energies to build their future empire, I’m sure a majority of us are still trying to fit in. A good number may have already established good relationships and potential partners in life. Some may already be on the top while some may also be on the verge of giving up. Whatever the scenario that we’re in, it is important to effectively realize that many things are happening simultaneously at this age. And the best part of it? You are not alone. Those successful businessmen also experienced being lost in a sea of opportunities, at least, once in their lives but they still managed to rise in the top.


ADULTING. The best part of facing the cross-roads of life is you have the power to choose. You can choose to be a writer, a musician, a dancer, an entrepreneur, a scientist, a weather reporter, a salesman, or even a politician. You can choose to live your hometown and explore other places that you have been dreaming about. You can try all new experiences such as hiking a mountain, glamping, diving, surfing, raising a farm, painting, composing your own songs, or watching the stars above. You can also try investing in the stock market or begin building you own cafe. There are so many things that can be done and while you may quite be overwhelmed, the good thing is you have the power to choose. You have the power to explore each option because you’re still young to wander around and not too old to keep reinventing yourself. Most importantly, no matter what you choose, it’s okay. While not all may agree with your decisions in life, what matters the most is you are happy. And even when your choices lead to negative results, you still win because another ‘lesson learned’ will be added to your list and that will make you wiser to face life as whole in the coming years to come.


So, release all of those worries and LIVE your life! The adulting stage is only a transitory period of your life. You won’t stay there forever so in the very least, make the most out of it for you to find your true interests and use them as a leverage on how to hack the most out of life.

So yes, adulting is hard. It is never easy. It is never meant to be easy. But I find it exciting. I find it thrilling because I am yet to meet the love of my life. I am yet to explore the vastness of the universe. I am yet to sail to new to new frontiers that are unfolding before my eyes. I am yet to feel nature and communicate with Mother Earth. I am yet to unlock new talents. I am yet to achieve my life goals. There’s so much for me to do. There’s so much for YOU to do. So instead of lamenting why you have not been oriented that life could be this hard, why not shift your focus to the present and live with it. Enjoy each passing moment because this will only come to use ONCE. I would like to emphasize – ONLY ONCE!


Here are the first five advice for everyone out there who are still yet to be an adult. Happy ADULTING!


  1. You are unique! Your body is composed of several thousand combinations of nucleic acids that builds your genetic Unless you are born with a twin, your genetic code is unique. And even though you have a twin, the mere fact that you have your own consciousness that is different from any other else makes you a unique individual. So, it’s high time to stop comparing yourself with other people that you deem to be far more superior to you. You have your own strengths, capabilities, and vulnerabilities. You can use the combination of these to bring out the best in you.


  1. Know thyself. Socrates’ ancient teaching to know ourselves still applies today. By knowing who you are, you’ll be able to find the best strategy on how to proceed with your life. Focus on your strengths and build a solid projection of yourself around it. Know your vulnerabilities so you can guard yourself against it. Know your weaknesses so you can enhance yourself further. Pay attention to what your heart is saying.


  1. The world doesn’t care. Surprising isn’t it? Well, perhaps the people within your inner circle cares about you. Some friends do care with your up’s and down’s. Some will be interested in you what about because they admire you, they look up to you, or they just want to find a mistake in you so they can put you out of the equation. But the universe is far larger than what you previously thought. 99.99% of the world won’t care whether you are sad or happy. The world does not revolve around you. Most of the times, nobody would seem to care. So, the lesson? Surround yourself with people who really cares and whom you can trust. Do not invest too much in maintaining a relationship with someone who does not appreciate you. And most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF. If you don’t, then who will?


  1. Everyone has their own time zone. Do not get too depressed when you see your former classmates who already have a stable family or already have established a start-up business. Do not be obsessed when you find your friends fulfilling their travel goals and ticking off their bucket lists one-by-one. Do not be sad if you are still single. Success is not measured by how early you have achieved it but by how early you work for it. So step-by-step, move forward towards the direction of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are taking baby steps or making a huge leap. Own your timeline. There’s no need to hurry. Some become successful early only to die young while some takes time and end up being successful anyway. Do not be pressured by the society. Just be yourself. You can do it. Believe yourself. It will work.


5. Always check every road that you take. Most of us do not do this but it is Always ask yourself whether you are still happy in pursuing the road that you have chosen to walk upon so it will be easier for you to redirect your paths. Classic examples are:

  1. Will you continue pursuing for a person who doesn’t want to spend a lifetime with you?
  2. Will you keep working for a company that doesn’t care for your personal growth?
  3. Is it okay to wait for your financial stability before you marry?
  4. Will you choose to travel instead of saving up for your house?
  5. Are you willing to give up your career when you become married?

These are usual dilemmas. But what I am really trying to point here is for us to learn to re-assess ourselves in very move that we make. In that way, we’ll know when is the proper timing to stay on track or to let go.


Life is hard but that’s what make it so exciting. If life is meant to be easy, then there’s no thrill at all in our ride. So, go out, explore, and find yourself. The universe is teeming with opportunities that are waiting to be unlocked. Gear for your dreams. And if you feel like you are torn between being a child and being an adult, breathe. Like I said, you are not alone. So, enjoy the rocky ride ahead, feel the bumps, and live your life to the fullest.


Disclaimer: The author does not take credit for all of the images used in this blog.

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