Life is a simple game of randomness and endless probabilities.

We experience life every day. From the moment when we open our eyes to greet the day up to the time when we close our eyes to finally have our rest, we get to experience life and the random events that come with it. We go through various activities each day – some live within the deadlines, some are busy in achieving their life goals, some simply enjoy going to various places, some are looking for love, some are already full of love, some are broken, and some are just contemplating on what to do the following day. With a fully-loaded schedule, we may come to a point where we wonder whether we are living life the way we wanted it to be. Although we always have the choice to choose the path that we walk, we sometimes become trapped with the present situation and we may begin to think that all the struggles are endless and life would become boring thereafter.


Life itself is full of randomness. We get to experience happiness, sadness, anger, demise, hatred, love, and many other things. We get to bond with our friends and watch new relationships to bloom out of the dust but we may also get to experience the excruciating pain of breaking up with the people whom we love and trust. We get to rise above others and sometimes we get to fall back to the ground. This may look chaotic for people who love to plan but this is a wonder to those who love sudden jolts of adrenaline. Yes, life is indeed random when we look it in the perspective of being a human. To God’s eyes, things happen because He willed it to happen.

Life is an ever-changing game. You can win or you can lose – all depending on whether you are aligned with God’s design. Life is full of mysteries that even the greatest scholars took years to fully comprehend its intricacies. Some even died without fully understanding how to truly live a happy life. Sometimes, we let our intellect prevail and we begin to question everything that we have. This is good at some point but if we begin to doubt what we believe, we become wanderers in a barren field with nothing to hold on to and no one to guide our way.


Life is full of probabilities. Out of the billions of people on Earth, we get to meet only a tiny fraction of the populace. We become close to even a tinier fraction of all our acquaintances and we become fully open to a select few who earned our trust and respect. Some are blessed to be popular enough to be known by so many but that doesn’t increase their chances of getting happier. Life’s a simple game of probability. There’s no assurance with everything that we do. You might be expecting a tail but perhaps, nature will favor ahead instead. What matters most, amidst the random nature of things, is for us to enjoy each passing moment.

Life is wonderful. As random as it is too many, its endless probabilities give us the chance to experience life to the fullest. We may stumble at some point but there is always that chance to redeem ourselves and move forward. We grow while we experience the beauty of life. We learn to understand people around us and we begin to understand the Creator Himself. And as we walk through our own chosen paths, let us not forget that everything is temporary. So, given our limited lifetime, we ought to do more and experience more so at the end of the road, we can have countless stories to inspire other people and countless memories to reminisce. And as we go through our journey, let us remember that no matter how rocky the road is, it is the struggles that we encountered, the random people that we met and laughed with, the exotic foods that we tried, the lessons that we learned, the tears that we shed, the fears that we overcome, and the leap of faith that took us to the end of the road are all that matters.


After all, life’s beautiful. God always has the plan but He gave us the free will whether we choose to follow his plans or we choose to deviate and do it on our own.

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