A Cloud in a Cuckoo Land

I wish I can hear you sing again
Oh, those notes that kept me sane
It gave me power through the rain
But now all I can feel is a never-ending pain
It pounds my soul, my heart, my brain.

I believed that your smile meant your return
I promise I’ll keep all my lessons-learned
Yet you walked away and watch me burn
All those sweet years became bitter tears
And all my screams never reached your ears

Soon, I’ll be flying to the upside down
And I’ll pluck stardust for your crown
Just be with me and I’ll hang around
This time, I won’t mess around
‘Coz without you, I’m falling down.

If only I could have a grasp of your hands
All the stormy rides, I can withstand
We’ll ride to the uncharted lands
All your love won’t go down the pan
But am I just living in a cloud cuckoo land?

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