Of Small Talks

Small talks.

I rarely do small talks. My introversion has become powerful over the years and I think I was used to it. It is me. It is in my personality and I don’t see any issue with it.

Most of the time, small talks don’t matter. It’s just one tiny conversation out of too many that we do every day. Out of all the spoken words that our mouth unleashes, small talk is just a tiny fraction. Negligible. Insignificant.

But even with an introverted self, I love small talks because sometimes, a small talk speaks more. It is sincere. It is unbiased. It is truthful. Apart from the pleasantries of introducing each other’s self, a small talk sets the mood into a deeper encounter. It sets first impressions that can last a lifetime.

Small talks, after all, are not just small. Sometimes, small talk is sufficient to lower your defenses and reveal your inner self without any prejudices. Sometimes it becomes too powerful to reveal your emotions. You become yourself. Free to express. Just as speech is supposed to have. Freedom. Without any fear, you can be who you really are. You can be yourself because after all, you’re talking with someone who doesn’t know your stories. And hence, whether someone judges you or not, it will not matter. It can stir up sleeping emotions. It can bring back life to our past memories that we wished we have already forgotten. It can reveal our true self no matter how much we try to deviate away from it. It’s like a mirror to our soul and unconsciously, we unleash our true form. And all of these happens just because of small talk.

But once that talk is over, you’ll realize how you want to have a deeper conversation. More time. More thoughts. More expressions. You want to spend another couple of minutes. Hours. Or perhaps even months. The connection is strong now because you shared a part of yourself to a complete stranger. You also took a peek at the stories hidden behind the eyes of this once-unknown person. You want something more. More than small talk. It’s because the talk worked. You’re connected.

But the small talk is over. Those minutes filled with an out-of-this-world feeling of openness is broken. Reality kicks in. Then you have to ponder the truths that it revealed by yourself. After all, it is just small talk. A moment in time. And soon, maybe you’ll forget about it.

Maybe, the strangers that we engage in small talks won’t last for too long in our memories. Or maybe they will. Maybe they did something more than small talk. Maybe they ignited a fire that was always there with us but we kept extinguishing it. Maybe they carved an old wound and you realize you’re not completely healed. Maybe they warmed your cold heart and made you feel the feelings you thought were already dead inside. Maybe these strangers are our guardian angels and small talks are their way to convey to us a message. That we are who we are. That we can be just ourselves. That we can be free.

A small talk. Small as they may seem, they have the power to create. Or to destroy. But the purity of the conversation makes it beautiful.

And who knows, maybe a small talk is a start to your happy ending. Or not. Yet whatever its effect on us, I’m sure it leaves us a trace. And it can change our lives in an instant.

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