No more L I E S

“..the more people that you let into your life, the more that can just walk right out.”

Maybe yes. Maybe not. Or perhaps, none at all.

Yes. You are afraid to be rejected that’s why you keep driving away your feelings.

Yes. You are scared of commitments because you witnessed how relationships failed around you.

Yes. You are hesitant to fall in love again because you’ve been taken for granted by someone you loved.

Yes. You isolate yourself because you realize that you are done with losing the people that you care for.

Yes. You doubt your emotions because you gave too much trust to someone only to see it broken.

Yes. You choose to believe that only in fantasies, you could be loved for who you really are because you are too tired to explain yourself to people who don’t want you to be understood.

Yes, you cloak your heart with impenetrable layers of insulation because you are afraid to be broken again.

Yes. You end things before they even start because through that, you don’t have to cry when it ends because there was no beginning in the first place.

Yes. You pretend to be happy because you don’t want to deal with the pain in losing someone that never really became yours.

Yes. It is scary. It is frightening.

But once you conquer that fear, you’ll realize that you are never really alone. You were never really invisible. You are not unlovable.

Because the truth is, you are special.

You are a beautiful creature that deserves to be happy.

You deserve to be loved.

And once you conquer that fear and you become true to yourself, you’ll find the people who truly value you – who put you as their first – not just the second best.

But while you are still afraid, you can find solace in the fact that there is always H O P E.

And sometimes, in an instant, all your dreams will become reality. All your fears are replaced by genuine happiness. Not because you already moved on. Not because you are not hurting anymore. Not because you’ve found someone else. Not because you are numb.

It is because you are now F R E E.

You can now be just yourself again because you finally love yourself again for you to be able to radiate love to others – without being F A K E.

No more false pretenses. No more hiding. No more L I E S.

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