I see your eyes. I hear your voice. I stare at your face. You are really wonderful, I have thought.

As I look into you, I see the grandeur of your beauty in perfect tranquility. I have been very ecstatic – some sort of addicting. I perceive you to be a perfect image of the “perfect one”. I would say that I like the entire you.

I find peace with your ever so lovely voice which serenades me into perfect stillness like the trumpeting angels in the Northern skies. You tantalizing eyes makes me leap into unexplainable joy – making me just smile for some unknown reason. I can’t resist it. you are simply irresistible.

I stare at the skies every night – thinking of why I am acting this way. I look upon the stars only to find you shining marvelously in great nobility – spreading your light above me and illuminating thy path.

I look at you. I think of you. I smile at you.

Am I feeling the same feelings that I felt way back when I was in third-year high school? Am I simply in love? Well, I do not know. Being in love makes life too complicated and I can’t afford it that way for I am already too busy in my career. However, somebody told me that it would be alright *I just hope it so…).

This is for sure: I will always listen to your melancholic voice and smile with great radiance whenever I’ll see you.

We’ll meet again today…tomorrow…and in the future…

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